Jan 16

“Anonymous” Blog Owner Attempts to Shut Down Copyright-Trolls.com With Smear Campaign and Shameful / Defamatory Lies.

Friend and ally of Getty Images Must Change Robert Krausankas of the Copyright-Trolls.com (CRT) website has come under attack in recent weeks.  Robert wanted to issue a statement about what has been happening.  Below is Robert’s statement as to the facts of the situation.I will say that I know Robert personally as a friend and as a client.  I have found him to be one of the genuine people I know and I have no doubt as to his character and integrity. Not only is he a personal friend but I hired him to design and host my websites.

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Jan 13

Email Response Received From Cabinet Bouchara – Avocate On Getty Images Censorship Letter

If you have been following this story you already know about the Letters Getty Images sent out from their French Outside council Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat to American websites and blogs citing French Law demanding that all negative content regarding their client be removed or face legal action.  If you are not up to speed you can read about it here.


I drafted and sent the following email response to their original demand letter.


Below is the response I received and my reply to that response.

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Jan 12

My Response Letter To Getty Images / Cabinet Bouchara – Avocats

Two days ago on January 10, 2017 I received a cease and desist letter from the French Law firm of Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat on behalf of Getty Images stating I was guilty of “acts of gross disparagement”  for reporting on Getty Images business model and using phrases like “…The settlement demand letter sent out by Getty and McCormack, in my opinion, are designed to panic and instill fear in the letter recipient.”   You can read the entire letter in the link above.


Needless to say I was not happy with the letter or the attempt at censorship by Getty Images.  I had thought Getty was improving, their letters had been toned down and less threatening, the amounts they were asking for seemed much more reasonable.  In fact until receiving this letter I had not felt the need to write an article about Getty in almost two years.  The letter appears to be an attempt to remove negative comments throughout the interwebs,

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Jan 11

Getty Images Now Trying To Control Free Speech and Limit Opinions

WelI I have some interesting news.  Today I received a Cease and Desist letter in the mail from Vanessa Bouchara of the French law firm of Cabinet Bouchara – Avocats over this website.  It appears that Getty Images is now trying to censor the free speech of bloggers and
Getty Images Tries to Censor Free Speech and Opinions

Getty Images Tries to Censor Free Speech and Opinions

victims of their settlement demand letter campaign and anyone who happens to have a negative opinion of their business practices.  Ignoring the fact that everything I state in my articles is backed up with documentation and the rest is my personal opinions, Ms. Bouchara / Getty Images seems to be under the impression that French Law supersedes American First Amendment / Freedom of Speech rights as applied to an American citizen operation in their own country and directing said articles towards American Citizens.

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