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Are You Up-To-Date on the Latest Meltdown of the Dash Poet and Author Linda Ellis?


Get Poetic Justice Author April Brown

If you have not been following the recent online battle between April Brown and Linda Ellis, you have missed a lot. It all started about three weeks ago when April announced her forthcoming book, “Poetic Justice“. Linda Ellis immediately went into action trying to:

  • Intimidate April into not publishing her book
  • Try the best she can to do some damage control
  • Do her usual selective editing, distortion, and twisting of whatever information and material she can to try and smear the reputation of April or anyone else supporting her.


April, of course, was the first to come under fire. April and Linda have a long history. Linda has pulled out some of her favorites from her bag of tricks. The full details are in the link above but a quick rundown would be that she took out a Google Ad words campaign against April, created two smear websites, posting on April’s “Poetic Justice” Facebook page linking to Linda’s smear websites of April and more.


Founder of ExtortionLetterInfo.com and Defiantly.net Matthew Chan

Being a friend and ally, Matthew Chan, who has also had dealings with Linda, started posting articles in support of April. Linda’s response to Matthew’s support was to bring out the old “stalking” horse that she’s nearly beaten to death. She took a short clip from 33-minute video show from 2013 where Matthew was commenting and ranting about Linda’s attacks on his online accounts. Linda took this video selecting only the profane rants and edited it down to a minute then posted it all over the interwebs titled, “One of Matthew Chan’s Harassment Videos”. In response, Matthew posted a four-minute version of the video with the fuller context put back in. As usual, Linda’s plans backfired because people could see she was twisting things to make them appear other than what they were were. As a result of one of her smear posts on Matthew, the owner of the website RestrainingOrderAbuse.com replied to Linda’s comment with one of the best public responses I have seen to date. The owner of the site has also become an ally of Mathew and ELI as a result.


By this time, I started posting articles and commentary myself in support of April. After my third article in support of April and Matthew, Linda fired a warning shot across my bow. Using both her “Good Prevails” anonymous persona along with her legitimate Linda Ellis account, she made 12 posts in 15 minutes on my business blog, Facebook page, YouTube account, Twitter account and Google+ page. The majority of it was just copied and pasted and read:

“Work must be slow since you have so much time to spend defending you associate and friend, Stalker. This is free speech and I KNOW how you are an advocate, so I’m sure it will be left here. Screenshot taken so after you delete, we can show how much you really believe in free speech. Here’s your good buddy in action: (then the link to her one minute smear video)”

I find it very humorous that Linda thinks I could be baited so easily. I am a firm believer in and defender of free speech, including hers, but free speech does not guarantee you the right to walk into somebody’s house and say whatever you want. As with any rude houseguest, Linda found herself booted to the curb and the door closed behind her.


My sister website,  “Copyright Anti-Bullying Act” started something that I had been considering doing here on “Gettylady blindfold scales of justice american flag Images Must Change” for quite a while but never instituted it because Getty Images does seems to be slowly but surely moving in the right direction, of which, I applaud them for. They still have a long way to go but I definitely see progress. Copyright Anti-Bullying Act is now offering to assist Linda’s Lyrics letter recipients who feel as I do that her settlement demand letter program is wrong, relies on implied threats and is unethical. I am assisting letter recipients in filing complaints with proper authorities and organizations such as the Georgia State Governor’s Consumer Protection Organization, the letter recipients’ State Attorney General office (or equivalent) and other agencies. This is a free service but each case will be reviewed to make sure it meets certain criteria.


Here are the articles and stories you need to bring you up-to-date on everything:

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