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Jan 16

“Anonymous” Blog Owner Attempts to Shut Down With Smear Campaign and Shameful / Defamatory Lies.

Friend and ally of Getty Images Must Change Robert Krausankas of the (CRT) website has come under attack in recent weeks.  Robert wanted to issue a statement about what has been happening.  Below is Robert’s statement as to the facts of the situation.I will say that I know Robert personally as a friend and as …

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Mar 29

As Cash-Strapped Getty Images Struggles Are Their Contributors Suffering the Effects Too?

On March 13 Getty Images’ Jonathan Klein announced he was stepping down as CEO but would remain on the board as chairman. This came on the heels of the announcement that Getty burned through one-third of its cash reserves in the last quarter of 2014 as the company struggles to compete with mid-size stock companies …

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Aug 27

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Learns a New Phrase-the Streisand Effect

Just recently copyright attorney Mike Meier sent DMCA takedown notices on behalf of Copyright Law Group to the domain registrars of (ELI) and (FCT). ELI immediately publish the letter on their form and document library followed shortly by FCT. Copyright attorneys who do not like groups like ELI and FCT reporting on their …

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