Aug 27

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Learns a New Phrase-the Streisand Effect

Just recently copyright attorney Mike Meier sent DMCA takedown notices on behalf of Copyright Law Group to the domain registrars of

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Files DMCA Takedown Notices

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Files DMCA Takedown Notices

ExtortionLetterInfo.com (ELI) and fightcopyrighttrolls.com (FCT). ELI immediately publish the letter on their form and document library followed shortly by FCT. Copyright attorneys who do not like groups like ELI and FCT reporting on their activities have started using DMCA takedown notices as a method for trying to silence the reporters and remove information. We first saw this tactic used by Georgia poet and Copyright Troll Linda Ellis when she filed takedown notices against several sites reporting on her activities.

Filing false DMCA takedown notices is a risky move as the site targeted has the option of filing a false DMCA takedown suit. In recent months courts are showing that they are not only getting wise to the tactics used by copyright attorneys and businesses trying to shake down individuals, small businesses and mom-and-pop companies and find the use of the court system to further their designs infuriating.

After copyright attorney Mike Meier filed his takedown notices and reported by ELI and FCT the story was picked up on Twitter and from there immediately reported on by Techdirt in torrent freak as well as catching the attention of several more large players. The story was also picked up by other sites that report on copyright trolling activities such as copyright-trolls.com and my sites.

All of this activity in a short amount of time is a perfect example of the Streisand Effect and as the community becomes more aware of these lawyers, businesses and individuals whose business model contains legalized extortion can expect to see more and more of this in the future.







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