Jan 13

Email Response Received From Cabinet Bouchara – Avocate On Getty Images Censorship Letter

If you have been following this story you already know about the Letters Getty Images sent out from their French Outside council Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat to American websites and blogs citing French Law demanding that all negative content regarding their client be removed or face legal action.  If you are not up to speed you can read about it here.


I drafted and sent the following email response to their original demand letter.


Below is the response I received and my reply to that response.

From: Vanessa BOUCHARA – Cabinet Bouchara – Avocats [mailto:vb@cabinetbouchara.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:47 AM
To: Greg Troy <GregTroy@GettyImagesMustChange.com>
Subject: RE: Response to Cease and Desist Letter


Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed the letter we have sent you yesterday.

Best regards,




Spécialiste en Droit de la Propriété Intellectuelle

17, rue du Colisée – 75008 Paris

Tel : +33 (0)1 42 25 42 30 – Fax : +33 (0)1 42 25 42 31

Email : info@cabinetbouchara.com

Website : www.cabinetbouchara.com

The attached file was a PDF of the boilerplate apology letter being sent out by the law firm.  Here is my response to this email:


January 12, 2017

Ms. Vanessa Bouchara 
Cabinet Bouchara Avocats
17 rue du Colisée – 75008 Paris


RE: Response to Cease and Desist Letter


Ms. Bouchara,

I received your response to my email regarding you and your client’s cease and desist letter and I gladly accept and thank you for your apology.  As I see by your reply (attached below), it appears you have sent two demand letters to me and only the first one arrived. They are being directed to the wrong mailing address and I may not receive your apology letter, could you please send it to my current address which is:

Greg Troy


**********,**  ***** USA


However, before I let the matter go, which I would prefer to do as stated in my original email to you I also require an apology from your client, Getty Images.  Your original letter to me, dated December 19, 2017 stated that it was your client who had issues with my website and it was your client who told you and I quote “I had been instructed to initiate all appropriate action against you.” if I did not comply with their demands within 8 days of receipt of your letter. I find the thought of this attempted censorship of the display of public records and personal opinions by your client abhorrent which is why I require apologies from both you and your client before I will drop the matter.


If I do not receive an apology letter from your client, I fully intend to continue documenting and commenting on this story on GettyImagesMustChange.com and CopyrightAntiBullyingAct.ORG as well as once again filing complaints against your client and providing information for others who received these censorship letters from your client to do the same, if they wish.

Again, I do not want to do any of this. If I get the apology letter from your client, I will simply report that you and Getty Images have dropped the matter, apologized, I accepted the apology, and thanked you both for it.  At that point, I will let the matter drop. I will give your client the same 8 days they instructed you to give me before I start filing complaints.

I look forward to an amicable resolution to this matter.



Greg Troy



Now I will wait 8 days and see if I get an apology from Getty or if I will start sending out complaint letters again.


As always, I will keep you posted.


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