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Jan 16

“Anonymous” Blog Owner Attempts to Shut Down Copyright-Trolls.com With Smear Campaign and Shameful / Defamatory Lies.

Friend and ally of Getty Images Must Change Robert Krausankas of the Copyright-Trolls.com (CRT) website has come under attack in recent weeks.  Robert wanted to issue a statement about what has been happening.  Below is Robert’s statement as to the facts of the situation.I will say that I know Robert personally as a friend and as …

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Jan 24

Are You Up-To-Date on the Latest Meltdown of the Dash Poet and Author Linda Ellis?

If you have not been following the recent online battle between April Brown and Linda Ellis, you have missed a lot. It all started about three weeks ago when April announced her forthcoming book, “Poetic Justice“. Linda Ellis immediately went into action trying to: Intimidate April into not publishing her book Try the best she …

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Mar 16

Punishment Needed For DMCA Abusers Says WordPress, Me Too!

During a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on March 13, 2014 WordPress General Counsel Paul Sieminski spoke in-depth about the problems created from a flood of false DMCA takedown notices. The system is being used to curtail freedom of expression and significant resources are being used to deal with the false DMCA takedowns.  “….At Automattic (parent company of WordPress), we’ve seen an increasing amount of …

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Mar 09

Matthew Chan V. Linda Ellis Appeal Court Documents

Extortionletterinfo.com (ELI) founder Matthew Chan is waiting for a ruling on his appeal to a permanent protective order (PPO) issued against him by a Georgia court last year. Chan is expecting the ruling on the appeal almost any time now. The original PPO was incredibly broad and sweeping not only forbidding Chan from making any …

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