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May 12

McCormack IP Law Attorney General Complaints at a Glance

There is a very informative article over on her sister site ©opyright Anti-Bullying Act outlining all the complaints on file with the Washington state Attorney General’s office against McCormack IP Law. There is a clickable master list in the article where all complaints may be viewed.   The complaints were also compiled and placed on At a …

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May 06

Filing complaints against Getty Images and McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS.

So you have received “The Letter” from Getty Images and/or McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS and you have tried in good faith to negotiate with them. Like most people you have probably requested that you be shown proof of claim, after all you are being presented with an invoice for many hundreds or even thousands of …

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Mar 18

Getty Images Sued for Patent Infringement

I was cruising around in PACER this evening when I noticed this lawsuit filed against Getty Images on December 10, 2013 for patent infringement. I have not seen this covered anywhere else so my apologies if it is already been done but it seems that Uniloc USA, Inc. alleges Getty Images used their patented software which …

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Mar 16

Punishment Needed For DMCA Abusers Says WordPress, Me Too!

During a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on March 13, 2014 WordPress General Counsel Paul Sieminski spoke in-depth about the problems created from a flood of false DMCA takedown notices. The system is being used to curtail freedom of expression and significant resources are being used to deal with the false DMCA takedowns.  “….At Automattic (parent company of WordPress), we’ve seen an increasing amount of …

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